Old God, New Tricks
I'm Niccals.

Cosplayer. Gay alien. Tiny Demon. Lizard-Person.
"You’re like a sexual jedi mind trick"

The Kate Flock has found its prey and now zeroes in on one totally horrified Clint Barton.

Kate Flock: because one isn’t even close to enough!

Kates! Kates! Kates! Kates! Kates!
With Jesse as Clinton!
Photo by https://www.facebook.com/cabanascreative taken at DragonCon 2013~

Posted on Sep 14, 2013
Tagged: #kate bishop #hawkeye #team hawkguy #lady hawkguy #mr. hawkgal #love me love my flock #hawk flock #flock lyfe #Cosploki #meatsuit #cosprogress

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